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Teacher Training

Strengthen your body, and your mind

Hot Yoga Teacher Training

Zakynthos, Greece
September 9 - October 26, 2024

Zakynthos, Greece
September 9 - October 26, 2024

7 Week Intensive €8,000
includes training, accommodation, food

Nicki Faros
Studio Owner HYZ, Zakynthos

Christian Betancor Leon
Studio Owner B90, Vancouver

Adam Chipiuk
Senior Instructor

Contact us for more information and to register at


Join Nicki, Adam, Christian and special guest yoga teachers in amazing Zakynthos, Greece for a 7 week intensive teacher training of the b90, 26&2 yoga series.

Nicki completed her BYTT in 2015 and is studio owner of Hot Yoga Zakynthos since 2017.

Adam completed his BYTT in 2011 and was on staff for 13 trainings.

Christian completed his BYTT in 2002 and is studio owner of b90 Vancouver since 2003.

We have taught yoga full time since our trainings. We have shared our passion and energy, inspiring students to be their best version at over 150 studios around the world.

Learn from some of the best and most respected yoga teachers of this method in the world in the country of Mt. Olympus where the gods, goddess and titans once roamed the world.

For more information please connect

Deposit of €1,500 reserves your spot, and a copy of the dialogue to start studying right away.

For more information please connect

B90 Yoga Teacher Training

Vancouver, Canada
January 6 - February 28, 2025

Check back on this page for more details as they are released.

7 Week Intensive $5,750USD

Comprehensive and intensive training for those with a passion for this practice, and a sincere desire to maintain and teach the method in its original and authentic 90 minute format.
Deposit of $1,500USD reserves your spot, and a copy of the dialogue to start studying right away.

We will be assessing applicants on an case-by-case basis as there is limited space.

Lead Instructors:

Adam Chipiuk

Senior Instructor

Jonny Mauk

World Asana Champion 2006

Christian Betancor Leon
Studio Owner/ Senior Instructor

Instructor Bios


Adam Chipiuk

In 2010 Adam moved to Los Angeles to begin an orofacial pain residency at UCLA. It was there that his yoga journey really took off. Feeling and seeing the healthy transformations in himself and others, he resigned from the residency and was awarded a scholarship to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2011.

He was on staff for 11 BYTT trainings, from Fall 2012 to Fall 2017. In 2018, he opened a yoga studio in Edmonton with his sister Eva.


He's grateful for the opportunity to travel, share his passion and love for yoga as a teacher or leading posture clinics at over 100 studios around the world.

There’s one simple rule to being healthy. You must work at it everyday. Commit to improving yourself everyday. Be better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and the rest will flow to you.

Jonny Mauk,  World Asana Champion 2006

Jonny started practicing yoga and meditation as a teenager growing up in Boise Idaho. He went to teacher training in 2004. With the help of Mary Jarvis and Esak Garcia he won the 2006 international yoga championship. He works as a medical brother (i.e. nurse) in the cardiovascular center at St Joes in Bellingham.
Jonny will be teaching five 90-minute classes during the 3rd week of training.
He will be leading the anatomy course. This course helps students to understand anatomy with confidence. Based on the most recent science students gain a foundational understanding of human anatomy with a practical application for yoga teachers. This will be an intensive anatomy course, approximately 10 hours. There will be recommended reading so trainees get the most of this course and end training feeling capable and experienced.

Gianna Purcell, USA National Yoga Asana Champion

Gianna is an international yoga teacher, travelling around the world leading workshops, trainings, retreats, and classes.

As a broken gymnast, her first passion was healing her herniations and intense joint pain. As an asana champion her passion was training and discovering different modalities and techniques to help achieve deeper shapes and perspectives. As a motorcycle accident survivor her passion was living and integrating yoga into every aspect of her being no matter life’s state. As a yogini devoted to practice, her passion is to share yoga as an adaptogen; a healing modality willing to meet you where you are.

Gianna is a USA National Yoga Asana Champion, a Bikram Yoga Certified teacher, an Ashtanga/Vinyasa E-RYT 500-hour certified teacher, and continuing education provider. With over 15 years of athletic coaching and teaching experience, she teaches asana, pranayama, and meditation practices rooted in holistic movement, hatha yoga, and ashtanga yoga in the light of her teachers David Swenson, Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis, Swami Satchidananda, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.



Mattew (TT23)

The True 26&2 Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Commercial Drive had a profound impact on my life. Initially, my motive was to teach a more energetic form of yoga, but the experience led me to an interoceptive awakening process and the mind-body connection.

Co-Trainers Adam and Johnny bought an even greater sense of unity. Their expertise and understanding of proper postures helped me comprehend the purpose of each asana. The teachers at Yoga Commercial Drive brought a new and interesting perspective to each class. I could honestly say I gained lifelong friendships with teachers, co-trainees, and members.
I’m excited to announce that we are opening a yoga studio in Ontario where we will be teaching the 26&2 series. I will be recommending anyone that is interested in yoga to take this training.


Patricia (TT23)

I started this yoga in 2010. When Christian decided to host the training at the studio, I was excited to join. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. This yoga is my passion. It's been an incredible experience. In addition to living this intense journey under the watchful eye and support of my community, I've  met some incredible people, each more inspiring than the last.

The training staff was and is extremely motivating, loving and knowledgeable. This training has brought me to a stronger practice. I am more focused. I realize that after so many years of practicing almost every day, everything that comes my way is now easier to handle. I've been teaching ever since and love the energy, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication of this community.


Drea (TT23)

I recently completed the 26/2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training Program at “Yoga on the Drive”. Overall, it was a fulfilling and transformative experience. The program provided a comprehensive curriculum that covered all aspects of hot yoga, including the postures, breathing techniques, anatomy, teaching methodology, and the philosophy.

One of the highlights of the training was the knowledgeable and experienced instructors. They were passionate about hot yoga and created a supportive learning environment. Their expertise and dedication were evident as they guided us through the nuances of each posture, helping us deepen our understanding and practice.

The program also included ample opportunities for hands-on teaching experience. We had the chance to lead practice sessions, receive constructive feedback from instructors, and refine our teaching skills. This practical aspect of the program was invaluable in building confidence and preparing us to lead our own hot yoga classes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to deepen their practice and become a certified hot yoga teacher. 

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