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Teacher Training

January 9th - February 24th, 2023

After 20 years…

We are exited to announce our first teacher training.

We will be considering applicants as there is limited space.

This is going to be a very comprehensive and intense training for those with a passion for this practice, and a sincere desire to maintain and teach the method in its original and authentic 90 minute format.

Lead Instructors:

Christian Betancor-Leon   
Senior Teacher/Studio Owner

Jonny Mauk
World Asana Champion 2006

Check back on this page for more details as they are released.

For inquiries contact Christian directly,

or email

Class Schedule

Daily, Monday to Friday

8am Hot 90 Minute Class
10am Dialogue, Posture Clinics & Workshops 
12-1pm Break for lunch
1-3:30pm More Study 
4pm Hot 90 Minute Class

Deposit of $1,000 reserves your spot, and a copy

of the dialogue to start studying right away.

Workshop Schedule

Week 3 - Anatomy Physiology with Jonny Mauk

Week 5 - Pranayama & Mediation with Gianna Purcell
Week 7
- Consciousness Workshop

More workshops will be announced, eventually, in the future.

Teacher Bios

Christian Betancor-Leon, Studio Owner

Christian was raised and enjoyed an active uprising in Vancouver. To satisfy his need to help and give back to others, after high school, he enrolled in a Homeopathy course at UBC. A few years into his schooling, he suffered a severe spinal injury snowboarding that resulted in surgery. Upon being released from the hospital his rehabilitation was slow.

Battling physical and mental anguish he was searching for any alternatives to remedy his pain. His mind and education told him there must be another way. Stumbling, teary eyed, unable to touch his knees he found his first Bikram class. After just a few rounds he found some relief and a spiritual yeast began to ferment inside him.


His mission since then has been to provide a place for people to heal in totality. A place where mind, body and soul can find relief. A place to strengthen others the way he was healed. Staying true to the ninety, twenty-six Bikram arrangement Christian opened his first studio in 2001 in New Westminster. Trained in 2002, the following year he opened his current studio. This studio is now a staple of the community in East Vancouver. He has attended thirteen teacher trainings, and taught over ten thousand classes in eight countries. He stands where he is today, humbled, strong and happily helping others achieve their own equanimity.

IMG_7877 Jonny Mauk_edited_edited.jpg

Jonny Mauk,  World Asana Champion 2006


Jonny started practicing yoga and meditation as a teenager growing up in Boise Idaho. He went to teacher training in 2004. With the help of Mary Jarvis and Esak Garcia he won the 2006 international yoga championship. He works as a medical brother (i.e. nurse) in the cardiovascular center at St Joes in Bellingham. 


Jonny will be teaching five 90-minute classes during the 3rd week of training. 


He will be leading the anatomy course. This course helps students to understand anatomy with confidence. Based on the most recent science students gain a foundational understanding of human anatomy with a practical application for yoga teachers. This will be an intensive anatomy course, approximately 10 hours. There will be recommended reading so trainees get the most of this course and end training feeling capable and experienced.


Gianna Purcell, USA National Yoga Asana Champion


Gianna is an international yoga teacher, travelling around the world leading workshops, trainings, retreats, and classes.

As a broken gymnast, her first passion was healing her herniations and intense joint pain. As an asana champion her passion was training and discovering different modalities and techniques to help achieve deeper shapes and perspectives. As a motorcycle accident survivor her passion was living and integrating yoga into every aspect of her being no matter life’s state. As a yogini devoted to practice, her passion is to share yoga as an adaptogen; a healing modality willing to meet you where you are.

Gianna is a USA National Yoga Asana Champion, a Bikram Yoga Certified teacher, an Ashtanga/Vinyasa E-RYT 500-hour certified teacher, and continuing education provider. With over 15 years of athletic coaching and teaching experience, she teaches asana, pranayama, and meditation practices rooted in holistic movement, hatha yoga, and ashtanga yoga in the light of her teachers David Swenson, Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis, Swami Satchidananda, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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