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Release your body, calm your mind


RMT Massage

With 20 years experience in bodywork, Ali-Joy employs Cranialsacral, Somatic release, Myofascial and Graston therapy to assist you to whole body wellness.


These techniques will range from light to deep tissue release, according to each individual’s tissue issue.


Easily book online:


Holistic Massage

Niki has studied Shiatsu, deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, hot  stone, Ayurvedic, head massage, aromatherapy, and sports massage.

Special for December: Holistic Full Body Massage,90 minutes, $95.


Call to make an appointment 778-712-3707, or email


Abdominal Massage

Layla has studied Chi Nei Sang Abdominal Massage in Thailand, 2017. It is emotionally and physically detoxifying, alleviates back and knee pain, banishes sluggishness, soothes nervous system and stimulates digestive organs.


Text  or call to make an appointment 778-549-9426.


Intuitive Coaching

Terri uses intuition to receive guidance. It could be for your life choice, career, love or life relationships. This includes a spiritual card reading, mantra and/or assignment tailored to your needs.


Limited time offer! Personalized one on one sessions via Zoom for $120/hour.

Call to make an appointment 604-961-8209 or online at

Room Rentals

Our studio, treatment room and two yoga rooms are available to rent for classes, events, meetings, sessions or workshops.

Contact us directly at

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